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Friday, 15 March 2019

you are powerful

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You are powerful
Judges 6 showed a very unique story of identity crisis that has besiege most people in the body of Christ. Gideon was a mighty man of valor but lost sight of who he is and went into hiding until God showed up through his Angel and unveil his true identity to him in a way that startle Gideon so much so that he began a revolution that destroyed their suppose slave masters… The Midianites.
What is it that is confronting you, wake up to your identity if you are born again the following things are inbuilt on the inside of you
1.       You are powerful: This means there is no weakness in and around you. Ephesians 3
2.       You can do all things through Christ: Phil 2
3.       You are always joyful: this means there is nothing around you that can produce sadness as you are not living in the realm of the senses but in the spirit Romans 5
4.       You are victorious and more than a conqueror: this means every battle of your life will end with you at the top of it at all times. Romans 8
5.       You are a faith man: 2peter 1, Romans 12
6.       You are a man and a woman of prayers: This means you are always in constant communication with the unseen realm that controls this physical realm and as such you will always be in control
7.       You are a royal priesthood: This means you are royalty, please behave like one… learn the way kings live and live that way. 1peter 2:9
8.       You always please God: This has nothing to do with your lifestyle but how Jesus whom you believe lived his life. Each time God looks at you he is please because he sees you inside Jesus.
9.       You are the Righteousness of God in CHRIST: you are not a sinner but a righteous being. Always remember that. This means you are to live righteous outwardly base on who you truly are on the inside

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