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Saturday, 9 March 2019

If Moses can make it you too can

We live in the day and age where people cast blame on others, believing that their failure in life is as a result of the previous happenings or the shortcomings of their past life... We serve a God who doesn't consult our past to determine our future . As as a child of God nothing in your past has capacity to determine the future you will enjoy.  Take the man Moses for Example He was in the palace enjoying the best things of life but the time came when he needed to step into God's plan for his life,  he forsook all the beautiful things in the palace just to identify with God's people Hebrews 11:23-27.

The reproach of Christ far outweighs the treasures of the world.  When Moses left Egypt, he became a fugitive,  no job,  no house, no wife, no child name it.  But God was aware of the man Moses and  his plan for his life was not altered once it was the timing that only changed because Moses couldn't discern the right timing, so instead of 400years (four hundred years) it became 410years... Now here is the big thing,  the man that gave Moses a wife,  gave him accommodation, and a job... Where are you now, what do you think you have done wrong heaven is aware, and they have not abandoned you as a shepherd Moses was going about his daily routine when his time came to step into God's purpose for his life...
That happened at age 80 instead of 50years as planned in God's calendar. Look out at the way God used him,  a murderer, he was used to deliver Israel from 410years bondage, wrote the first 5 books of the Bible and outside Jesus no other prophet has done close to what God did with Moses... See numbers 12:6-8, now what have you done wrong that is making it look as though your world is shattered, your dreams and desires look blurred...you think you have done worse things than Moses think again because God is about to remember you and do in your life even greater things than what he did with Moses see 1corinthians 1:27-29. Friends our best days are ahead of us. You will do greater only be patience, and keep being faithful Luke 19:44.

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